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Sic970 was started by William Bell, a youth counselor from Fort Collins who works in Greeley. He wanted to bring a casual wear line with the Sic logo to the Fort Collins community, and ultimately to the whole state of Colorado. It is active people who want comfortable casual wear and who know how to advertise small town brands just by networking to friends. Sic970 aims to cater to Coloradoans with a line of various t shirts, beanies, and hats that Coloradoans, and Fort Collins residents alike, will enjoy wearing.

William Bell started the Sic brand with the idea that Fort Collins was prepared for another ready-to-wear line of clothing from a hometown individual like him. The usage of the word “sic” in his clothing line incorporation of the urban slang “sick” that the younger culture uses to describe anything enjoyable, interesting, or just downright awesome. It is this Sic line that is grammatically, and visually, advertising to the market of active people who understand the lingo and enjoy comfortable clothing.

Sic970 dares you to be different from the norm - Sic970 is a very comfortable fitting and visually attractive brand made for today’s active person. Sic970 is 100% made in Colorado. What makes Sic970 special?  YOU! SO ENJOY!- William Bell, Owner

On the Sic970 website, shoppers can find an array of various clothing items emblazoned with the Sic emblem of a red and black star, with the word “Sic” in the middle. All of these items also come in a variety of color schemes and choices. Prices start at $20 with hats, from visors and beanies, to baseball caps. Clothing ranges from men’s and women’s t-shirts to performance fleece and start at $24.50. Those interested can visit the website at http://sic970.com. For more information, contact William Bell directly at William@sic970.com.

Those interested can meet William Bell and purchase Sic970 by calling 970 310-6606 or visiting the website. SIC970.com

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